среда, 25 февраля 2015 г.

When it Comes to ... Moving Pictures

Hello over there! So this days are all about Oscars. And I can not pass by, since childhood Oscar for me - truly a thrilling event. Every year, I am very excited and don’t sleep all night (to Ukrainian time it starts at 3am) watching a movie celebration.  But, honestly, this year’s ceremony was a bit boring. I could not shake the feeling that they are hard pressed for time and want to do everything as quickly as possible. And Neil Patrick Harris as a host leaves much to be desired (sorry, Neil, I love you). Also, the show was filled with lots of awkward moments and unsuccessful jokes. But still, can we say that interest to this action will subside year by year? Of course not. As always, we will bet on the best film of the year, admire the elegant dresses and root for Meryl Streep. Speaking of dresses, here is a list of my favorites this year, aren’t they gorgeous? Take a look!

Lots of love,
L x

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