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Top-5 Oils You Need in Your Bathroom

Hey, folks! We’re talking beauty here today. I’m sure that you’ve heard about some benefits of oils, but you probably were always too busy or lazy (I feel you) to find out more information about them. In this post you can get the most important facts you need to know.


Tea Tree Oil
This one can make miracles for your skin! If you have a spot, just apply a bit on it. It is meaningful for you to apply it only on a problematic spot: since if you put it all over your face, it can dry out your skin. This magic oil can also be used for whitening you teeth! Use some with the help of your brush after or instead tooth paste. This not only brightens and makes your teeth look better, but also takes care of your overall mouth health.

Castor vs. Burdock Oils
If you want to grow your hair thicker and quicker, these two are for you. I’m convinced that you know about them, but have you been using them constantly? If not, you definitely should! Apply a small amount of oil of your choice on your lashes, brows to make them grow. Speaking of hair, there are tons of options. You can google for some mask recipes or, if you are as lazy as me, just massage a bit of the oil into your scalp for 5-15 minutes, 1-2 hours before shower (wrap it with a cosmetic plastic hat and towel for better results) or before sleep. In that case, make sure to wash your head better than usual :)

Olive Oil
Most people choose to include olive oil in their diet because of its many proven benefits to human health. However, there are some ways you use it externally. You can use extra virgin olive oil (the best option for you) to remove your make up. Put some onto a cotton pad and gently remove all the cosmetics. Firstly, it’s a bit unusual but you will get used to it. In addition to a natural way of cleaning your skin, the oil moisturizes it like no other cream would ever do. Moreover, olive oil bath for hands and nails can improve the strength of your nails. Just soak your hands in slightly warmed olive oil (not hot, aim for room temperature) for 5-10 minutes, do that 1-2 times a week and enjoy your silky hands along with strong and shiny nails!

Coconut Oil 
That’s a hot trend right now! No wonder, there’re multiple ways to use it. It can be used as a natural 4 SPF sunscreen, body moisturizer, lip balm, tan oil. Add it in your diet to make your skin, hair and nails healthier and to sleep better. Mixed with salt, coconut oil can be used to remove dry skin on feet, knees and elbows. And this is just a begging of the list! Must-have, what else to say.

Grapeseed Oil
Grapeseed oil is very light thus it is easily absorbed by the skin. People with sensitive skin can apply the oil without worrying of developing any allergic reaction. Therefore, it is perfect as a moisturizer for any skin type. In my opinion, one of the greatest advantages of grapeseed oil is that it helps to get rid of dark circles! The oil does not contain any chemicals substances, so it will be safe to apply it around it around eye area. Just gently dub it under your eyes. To see results, do that every day for at least one week. 

NOTE: Make sure to use every of the listed oils on clear and dry skin.
So, that’s it! We hope you find this post useful and will use some of our simple yet effective tips.

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