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Beauty Favourites: December

Hey, folks! It’s time for beauty favourites of the previous month and we decided to dedicate this post to hair care. Let’s have a look! :)

1. Hair to Go Bycity Conditioner
Liza: “You may know that we, girls, pay attention to the packaging of a product and that’s exactly why I’ve chosen the conditioner you see here. Luckily, this thing has not only a beautiful bottle but also a well working formula. It smells amazing and leaves hair soft like heaven.”

2. Syoss Hair Mask
Liza: “This mask is just a win! It replenishes moisture in my hair, makes it feel and look healthy. That’s very important for me because cold air and hot hairdryer harm hair and that particular product helps to reduce damage.”

3. Gliss Kur 6 Miracles Oil Essence, Schwarzkopf
Stasia: “I’m in love with this mixture of oils! It helps to really smoothen my hair and makes it feel alive. Moreover, it leaves nice smell that cheers me up every time I run my fingers through my hair. I’m glad Liza has recommended this hair repair product to me!”
Liza: “Ha-ha. Yeah, it’s that great. I also love using a bit of oil on slightly dried hair and then I finish blow drying my hair. It helps to make hairstyles last longer and prevent hair from electrifying, which is very useful in winter.”

4. Fish Oil with Vitamin D
Stasia: “Of course it’s important to treat your hair with beauty products, but we can’t forget to nourish it from the inside. The omega-3 fatty acids that contain in fish oil benefit your hair, make it shinier and stronger. Omega-3s are those healthy fats, that help to reduce skin dryness which can lead to dandruff or an itchy scalp. Consuming the capsules (yep, you don't need to drink that horrible liquid) can improve the quality of your skin and overall health, as well. That's why my advice is not to ignore fish oil, folks." 

We sincerely hope that this post was at least a bit useful for you and we would like to know your ways to look after hair. Leave the comments down below and see you soon!

S and L x

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