понедельник, 5 января 2015 г.


Hey, ho! Happy New Year, folks! It’s our first post in 2015 and it feels strange: the year flew by so fast and we didn’t quite understand the holidays were here already. Even though the lack of festive mood was in the air, we met New Year with hope. We have our own new year’s resolutions but not too many, so we can truly turn them into reality. We are grateful for what we have. No, we are not going to complain this year. We still will be posting here, even if only a couple of people read the blog. We wish you a happy, inspiring, productive and peaceful year. And today we show you Liza’s first look of 2015. Here we go!


S and L x 

 Boots – Dr. Martens
Jeasns – Top Shop 
Bag – Zara 
Coat –Handmade 
Scarf – Handmade 

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