среда, 28 января 2015 г.

Early Bird

Hey, guys! I don’t know about you but it’s so hard for us to wake up early. Sooo hard! Today we met before noon (!) to shoot looks with a busy day ahead. Although it’s just unreal to put yourself together in the morning, it feels so great to understand that you are productive. If you have any tips on how to wake up easier, or you suffer from the same, let us know in the comments below!

L x

понедельник, 26 января 2015 г.

вторник, 20 января 2015 г.

Talk is Cheap

Hey, guys! How do you like it in 2015? We can hope that this year will be better (and I believe it will). However, until we change our attitude, until we work harder and make our days happier and more productive, nothing will actually change. So let’s work hard, have fun, no drama! 

S x

Coat – Mango
Scarf – Accessorize
Bag – Accessorize
Sunglasses – Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer 

суббота, 10 января 2015 г.

Beauty Favourites: December

Hey, folks! It’s time for beauty favourites of the previous month and we decided to dedicate this post to hair care. Let’s have a look! :)

1. Hair to Go Bycity Conditioner
Liza: “You may know that we, girls, pay attention to the packaging of a product and that’s exactly why I’ve chosen the conditioner you see here. Luckily, this thing has not only a beautiful bottle but also a well working formula. It smells amazing and leaves hair soft like heaven.”

понедельник, 5 января 2015 г.


Hey, ho! Happy New Year, folks! It’s our first post in 2015 and it feels strange: the year flew by so fast and we didn’t quite understand the holidays were here already. Even though the lack of festive mood was in the air, we met New Year with hope. We have our own new year’s resolutions but not too many, so we can truly turn them into reality. We are grateful for what we have. No, we are not going to complain this year. We still will be posting here, even if only a couple of people read the blog. We wish you a happy, inspiring, productive and peaceful year. And today we show you Liza’s first look of 2015. Here we go!


S and L x