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New Year + Christmas Gift Ideas!

Hello, loves! New Year and Christmas are just around the corner, so it’s time to think about presents for people you value. Here are some of our ideas to inspire you!

Sometimes it seems difficult to select a gift for your co-worker. Well, just think about his/hers hobbies and dreams. The perfect present varies from a cookbook, travel guide to motivational or hilarious cup. If you’re not sure about your college’s preferences, a quality diary can be a right choice.

When you don’t know what to pick for your boyfriend, go for a hand watch. It’s a worthy buy and you significant other will remember about you every time he checks the time.

Deciding on a present for your friends can sometimes be a bit hard because of a huge variety of choices. For a girl it can be funny pajamas, make-up purse or a cute jewelry bow that says “Friends are the family you choose yourself”. It’s a cool idea to give your guy friend a sweatshirt with the logo of his favourite music band.

What can you give to your dad? There are a lot of options from technics to gift certificates. But there’s also one quite traditional yet nice present – a sweater. What can warm better than a good sweater from a beloved daughter! If you’re a guy, some electronics your father wanted for a long time will work great, too.

If you have no idea what to present to your mom and start to panic, stop it now :) Every woman, no matter what her interests are, loves to look after herself. Treat your darling with her favourite perfume or a great face cream. She’ll like it, for sure.

And now we'd like to share our own wishlist for these holidays.

Liza's wishlist

Stasia's wishlist

We hope this post was useful for you. Tell us what you are planning to buy for your loved ones and what you want to receive!

S and L x

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