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10 Beauty Tips You Should Try

Hi babies, how are you out there? I hope everything is going on swimmingly and you are not caught up with the autumn melancholy. In those moments when it comes to the cold season (unfortunately in our area it remains with us for a long time), we need to care even more about the condition of our skin. As you can tell, we didn’t share our monthly beauty favorites. Instead, here are some tips and tricks I wanted to present you. I have a few rules that help me in this, not only in winter. So here are my 10 Beauty hit – tips of all time:

1. Wash your face with warm water only. Hot water overdries the skin, and cold – is not enough removes makeup.
2. There is nothing better than soap for washing. It is cheaper and does not contain chemicals (I prefer the one with the content of blue clay).
3. Add a little bit of rose oil in your skin care products. 
4. Keep moisturizing mask in the fridge.
5. For make-up remover is better to use cotton wool. Wet it with micellar water, apply to the eye for 10 seconds and then wipe off easily. Never, never rub the eyelids. I do not think anyone wants to have premature wrinkles?
6. Once a week, apply acacia honey as a face mask.
7. As well, once a week, after the application of a moisturizing mask, you can wipe the face with hydrogen peroxide.
8. To strengthen the lashes, use argan oil.
9. Rub the centre of the lips with a drop of peppermint oil for instantaneous volume effect.
10. I do not use any tonics, only wipe the face after washing with rose water in the morning and before bedtime.

If you have your secrets, you can leave them in the comments. It would be interesting to find out something new. Hope this post was useful for you!

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