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Beauty Favourites: June/July

Hey, folks! The new beauty post is finally here! At first, we decided to combine our favourites of June and July. However, while being in Belgium, we did a little haul in The Body Shop, so this post is more likely to be a review for some goodies we got there with a tiny bonus. Another cool thing is that both of us tried all the products listed below. So yeah, let the party begin!

The Body Shop. How do one describe The Body Shop? We don’t have one in Ukraine and every time we are there it feels like heaven. All that aromatic stuff, beauty jars and packages. Ahh. Have to admit that we are kind of scrub and body butters addicted. Just a bit. Okay, maybe not a bit. What we’re trying to say is that you guys have to try their Mango and Coconut exfoliators

Perfect scrub texture – check.
Magical smell – check.
Moisturizing effect – check.
Affordable price – check.

And these loves do their job well. What else do you want from that kind of a product? You know the answer – nothing. Talking about scents, the Mango one is for those who love a splash of sweet freshness but not too sugary. Coconut scrub has a lighter, softer smell, yet a very magnetic one.

Another confession is that we can’t live without a moisturizer after the shower and exfoliator (of course). Shea and Papaya body butters are something. Not only they nourish and moisturize your skin, the magic of their gorgeous essence will make you love them. See how obsessed we are? We can recommend using Papaya scented butter in the morning, so it gives you that energizing juicy smell. The Shea one works great at night before sleep since it has a peaceful unostentatious bouquet.

As you can tell, the promised bonus to this godblessthebodyshop post is a pair of nail polishes we love so much. Seems like baby and sky blue on your nails is always a good idea. Tone 267 from Colorama line be Maybelline New York is an excellent and cheap pick. What a lovely colour, especially for summer! Another recent favourite is Chanel nail lacquer in 613 Eastern Light. White manicure was trending last summer and we tried it just a week ago. Our fault, ‘cause it looks outstanding, especially with a tan.

So, this is it. Those were our beauty favourites for last two months, hope you enjoyed it and didn’t get scared by our love to The Body Shop.

Lots of love,
S and L x

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