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Werchter Guide

Hey, folks! As you know, we attended music festival called Rock Werchter, so today we are pleased to share our guide dedicated to this outstanding festivity.

Location: Werchter, Belgium
Date: Thursday – Sunday around the beginning of July
Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock, Pop

To begin with, we’d like to mention that the organization of the fest is flawless. Every single detail has been taken into account. Free busses from Leuven (a town where we lived) and camping areas to the festival site and otherwise were coursing very often. Even on the last night when a huge amount of people was leaving Werchter at one time, we’ve waited less than 10 minutes to depart. The entrance was very quick as well. Seriously, we hardly ever standed in a line there. Moreover, festival crew was very nice and friendly, security members were always ready to help. The only thing that we were a bit upset about was a gigs’ timetable. Unfortunately, we didn’t see some artists perform because we were at the other show. However, it was the only drawback for us.

Talking about food and drinks, what you should know is that at the festival you have to buy tickets to get to eat or satisfy your thirst. For 5 euros you can buy 2 tickets, for 10 – 4. To give you some examples, for 2 tickets you get some fries, a waffle, a hamburger, a hot dog (a tasty one, but it contains only a bun, a sausage and some sauce), other meals are more expensive. All drinks cost 1 ticket aka 2.50 euros. Our usual pick was a portion of fries with sauce and Red Bull (needed much). Must-try is Hoegaarden rose beer!

Thanks to all the Werchter experience we can give you some TIPS “surviving” these four days ha-ha. When you leave the festival itself there are a lot of places, where you can buy food and pay in euros. That’s cheaper and the variety of meals is bigger. You also can get cold water for free at one spot. Another cool thing is that you can recycle. If you collect 20 used cups, you get 1 free drink.
Of course you can live in a camping, but we knew that wasn’t for us. We’ve found a host on Couchsurfing and stayed in Leuven. The best coffee in the town is in Punto Café (thanks to our new Belgian friend Lisa, who recommended it to us) and a place where you can try the best fries in Leuven is situated near a bar called Professor (Lisa, Dries, thank you!).
The most important thing you should know is that you have to be prepared for every weather conditions. Despite of all our experience, we weren’t ready for that crazy rain. So yeah, make sure you’ve got a pair of rubber boots with you (if it’s a rainy region), a rain coat with a hood, umbrella without a pin, some sun screen and ear plugs, if you need ones.

To sum up, we want to say that the atmosphere of the festival was just mind-blowing. Everything was perfect, even rain didn’t make our days there any worse. We think that even if the one is not that much into music, he should definitely visit a music festival at least once in his live.


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