вторник, 22 июля 2014 г.

In da Brugge

It feels so strange to write this post while lying in the bed and drinking tea. You can’t tell by looking through the photos, but the weather was just crazy that day. It was freaking cold, the rain was falling heavily and the wind was super strong. Yeah, we couldn’t choose a worse day to visit Brugge. Even locals told us that it was the worst summer day in a really long time. And you know what? We still were exploring the town. Well, at least we tried. Surprisingly, we had so much fun! Was it that nature’s craziness or wine? Who knows. Nevertheless, we left Brugge with unforgettable memories, a bunch of new jokes and without our umbrellas, which were cruelly destroyed by the wind and tossed in a trash can. Does it mean we will come back? Definitely! xx

P.S.: But we’ll check the weather first.

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