пятница, 25 июля 2014 г.

Birthday Noon

Greetings from sunny Yalta! I feel incredibly lucky to be in my hometown, especially now, ‘cause it’s my birthday today. I turned 21 and can hardly believe it. I had my coffee and asked a friend to make some shots, while doing last preparations before heading to a dinner with several of my old beloved friends. Sadly, not everyone I wanted to meet today are with me now and when I think about how time flies, I start to feel like a lady that’s about to retire. But you know what? Even if our life passes by so fast, we still have so many wonderful things to come and they are definitely worth becoming a bit older. x 

вторник, 22 июля 2014 г.

In da Brugge

It feels so strange to write this post while lying in the bed and drinking tea. You can’t tell by looking through the photos, but the weather was just crazy that day. It was freaking cold, the rain was falling heavily and the wind was super strong. Yeah, we couldn’t choose a worse day to visit Brugge. Even locals told us that it was the worst summer day in a really long time. And you know what? We still were exploring the town. Well, at least we tried. Surprisingly, we had so much fun! Was it that nature’s craziness or wine? Who knows. Nevertheless, we left Brugge with unforgettable memories, a bunch of new jokes and without our umbrellas, which were cruelly destroyed by the wind and tossed in a trash can. Does it mean we will come back? Definitely! xx

P.S.: But we’ll check the weather first.

пятница, 18 июля 2014 г.

Lost in Brussels

There are days when you want to stop planning and just let your heart lead you. Well, in Brussels we had exactly that kind of a day. We left the train at Brussels Nord station and, having no idea where our feet were going, got lost in the capital of European Union. Strangers were passing by, we didn’t understand a word, but couldn’t feel more free and happy. Suddenly, that peaceful feeling came across. It’s hard to explain and easy to understand if you’ve ever had experience like that. So if you haven’t, we hope our little adventure will inspire you to forget about maps, tour guides and all your fears. xx

понедельник, 14 июля 2014 г.

Werchter Guide

Hey, folks! As you know, we attended music festival called Rock Werchter, so today we are pleased to share our guide dedicated to this outstanding festivity.

Location: Werchter, Belgium
Date: Thursday – Sunday around the beginning of July
Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock, Pop

To begin with, we’d like to mention that the organization of the fest is flawless. Every single detail has been taken into account. Free busses from Leuven (a town where we lived) and camping areas to the festival site and otherwise were coursing very often. Even on the last night when a huge amount of people was leaving Werchter at one time, we’ve waited less than 10 minutes to depart. The entrance was very quick as well. Seriously, we hardly ever standed in a line there. Moreover, festival crew was very nice and friendly, security members were always ready to help. The only thing that we were a bit upset about was a gigs’ timetable. Unfortunately, we didn’t see some artists perform because we were at the other show. However, it was the only drawback for us.

четверг, 3 июля 2014 г.

Sneak Peek from Belgium

Bonjour! Today was the day of exploring Brussels. We just got there by train and went wherever we wanted to. Without planning anything! Guys, it was incredible! Tomorrow, well, actually today already, the festival begins. As soon as we come back home, all photos of our Brussels adventure will be revealed along with the looks we shot there. Stay updated, big hugs! xx 

вторник, 1 июля 2014 г.

A Few Hours in Amsterdam

So, it’s finally happened, our adventure has begun! Here is a quick post from Amsterdam, ‘cause now we’re heading to Brussels, and then – to Leuven. We’re excited to have an opportunity to share our travel with you! Stay with us for upcoming news. To make sure you find out more interesting stuff faster, follow us on Instagram!