вторник, 10 июня 2014 г.

Graceful Grace

Who hasnt heard about Grace Coddington? Yes, you're right, there is no person in the fashion world who knows nothing about this woman with a shock of red hair. There is no point to say that for all fashionistas she's the most influent fashion editor of the Bible and the right hand of almighty Anna Wintour. Maybe many of you have already read it, but I, to be honest, got this baby just a few months ago and did not even have time to take it off the shelf (yes, sometimes we're really busy). But, fortunately, now I can say that those few nights that were spent in the company of Grace turned into one big pleasure. She is such an incredible person! I was amazed how she describes even the most difficult situations in life, despite the fact that the car accident put an end to the career of photomodel. By reading this book you can see the works of the great photo artists, feel the atmosphere of swinging 60s and plunge into the process of creating a fashion-story with Bruce Weber, Steven Klein and Mario Testino.

So… if you have not read it, go to the nearest bookstore, you won't be disappointed, and If yes, look for the thousandth time "The September issue", or just open any Vogue from your stack (I know you have it) and enjoy the magnificent work that Grace have been creating for over 25 years.

L, x

We do not own any of these photos, exept the first one made by God Bless The Sun.

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