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Festival Wardrobe Essentials

Hey, guys! Last preparations are in full swing, our luggage is almost ready and we're counting hours before the flight. But as usual for a few days before leaving the question arises - what to pack? This problem becomes even more global when you're going to a music festival, because you need to look there for 100%, and feel comfortable at the same time. I have my own "selection system" already and here are some of my wardrobe essential for the festival season:

1. Comfortable Shoes

1. Tênis Vans Authentic Feminino Mint Green
2. Converse Allstar Low Double Tongue
3. VANS Authentic (Aspca) shoes
4. Vans Authentic Slim Trainers
5. Kenzo X Vans Striped Yellow Black Striped canvas sneakers
6. Keds Taylor Swift's Champion Dot
7. SPURR Rita Biker Boots
8. Saint Laurent Signature Rangers Studded Boots In Black Leather
9. Dr. Martens 1460

I usually use only one pair of shoes during the festival and this is my Converse (thanks God we have those!). And I'm not a fan of sandals these days, because, as we know, there's a lot of dirt, dust, and I do not like the feeling of it all over my feet. So just find a pair that will fit all your looks and go ahead! 

 2. Mind-blowing Shorts

1. Dolce & Gabbana Beige Cotton Floral Print Shorts
2. H&M Worn denim shorts
3. J Lo Multicolour Aztec Stripe Shorts
4. Kate Moss for Topshop Embellished stretch-denim shorts
5. H&M Short shorts
6. Topshop Tall MOTO Embroidered Denim Hotpants

Shorts, yes, of course it's shorts. Every year there are more and more models from which you can not pick just one! Variety of prints, embroidery, lace, shape, length, texture simply can not remain indifferent (Oh Jesus, I want every pair of it). So if you cannot choose one or two pairs as I, think that the good old Levi’s will be able to serve you for another season :) 

3. Perfect Top

1. Letters Printing Sleeveless Casual T-shirt Vest
2. H&M Oversized top
3. Arctic Monkeys Shirt
4. Creature Of The Night Women's Muscle Tee
5. Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt

I've always loved the combination of bright shorts and a simple top. And even in everyday life gray shirt is my best friend, so I usually do not change myself, even in festival days. Of course you can choose everything you want , but keep in mind that if you want to stand in the front row close to the stage, your favorite shirt or sequined top may not be the best solution for this evening, because later you might have to throw it out (yes, sad but true). 

4. Outstanding Kimono

1. River Island White oriental bird print fringed kimono
2. Warehouse Printed Kimono Jacket
3. Warehouse Printed Kimono Cardi
4. Etro Printed knitted cardigan
5. Aztec Pattern Cardigan
6. Green Neon Tropical Print Crepe Kimono

If you don’t want to spend the entire day under the stage waiting for your favorite band, and you’re going to the festival just for fun and want to create a striking but uncomplicated look, this garment is just for you.  This summer, more than ever, I've seen various versions of kimono in every store.  And I think there were thousands of them! But unfortunately, I still have not found my own ohdeargodiwantyou version of it. Maybe it's waiting for me somewhere in Belgium :) 

5. A Tiny Bag or the Right Backpack

1. Pull&Bear Summer Printed Backpack
2.  Sole Society Dixie Fringe Crossbody
3. Proenza Schouler Ps1 Mini Fringe Suede Bag
4. Classic Saddlebag Purse
5. Alexander Wang Mint Leather Studded Lia Small Satchel
6. Monki Gala Backpack

I'm sooooo in love with the small bags and each time packing my luggage bag I just can’t resist to cram all that I have in it. So it is necessary to try, but just take one bag and think about that you can enrich your collection while a trip). 

6. The Ideal Accessories

1. Silver Azurine Necklace
2. HauteLook C. Wonder Accessories: Jeweled Rope Necklace
3.  ModCloth Boho Shop the Southwest Ring
4.  Nyla Woven Bangle
5. House Of Harlow Mini Sunburst Ring
6. Batik Bib Necklace
7. Kelly Wearstler Hampstead Ring
8. TOMS Gold Sword Bangle

In the choice of accessories you can unleash the imagination and especially in the festival time, you can wear all the things that usually do not venture out into the gray days. I prefer massive necklaces that can complement the easiest look and make it more impressive. Combine incongruous, do not be afraid to experiment, but remember that everything should be in moderation! 

So, hope you'll find my guide useful and enjoy your summer best! Forget about everything and just live the moment! 

Lots of love,
L x

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