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Festival Beauty Essentials

Hey, folks! As you know, GBTS goes to Rock Werchter 2014. That means adventures and sleepless nights are coming, but first we need to get ready for that! So here they are – my festival beauty essentials.

1. Sun cream
Music festivals season and summer itself can’t go without a sunscreen. We all know about the importance of sun protection, so I’m not going to read you a lecture about it :) The product I can recommend is any from the range Capital Soleil by Vichy. I choose the one for sensitive skin with SPF 50.

2. Lip balm
Next, when my skin is moisturized and protected I want to make sure my lips aren’t dry as well. Lemon Drop Lip Balm SPF 15 by EOS works great for me. It’s easy to use; the balm smells amazing and contains UVA/UVB filters that make it even better. If you’re interested particularly in this product, I’ve ordered it here http://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/eos-lemon-drop-lip-balm.html.

3. Facial spray
I can’t imagine travelling and going to a music festival without a facial spray. It helps to cool and sooth my skin, making it look fresh and dewy. You can basically go for a mist or a bottle of thermal water, whatever suits you better. Here are some products that I love most: Evian Facial Spray, Thermal Spa Water by Vichy and Beauty Elixir by Caudalie. The last one can be ordered here http://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/caudalie-beauty-elixir.html.

4.Facial mask
Staying up late and sleeping three hours will not make the one look good. *Sobs*. That’s why I’m in a desperate need of a good mask that is going to make me look a bit not like a zombie. No product ever can replace a night of sleep, but I’m trying to find something that will help. Haven’t found yet, so I will be using those simple Nivea masks. They are suitable for a traveler, they are cheap and they do their job.

Speaking about trying to look like a human being, I have to mention my best friend – concealer. Can’t live a day without it because dark circles under my eyes are my eternal companions. Liza and I are going to meet a lot of people meanwhile the trip, so yeah, I want to look fine and I know the concealer has my back. The one I’m using is super cheap and I got it in the local drugstore. However, it is the best concealer I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried tons). Meet Art Scenic Cover Stick by Eveline Cosmetics. I have repurchased this product in Porcelain three times already.

6. Lipstick
Continuing the make-up theme, I think summer is that time when I want to experiment with my lip colour, especially while in a festival area. I’m definitely taking my Color Whisper in 440 Orange Attitude by Maybelline with me.

7. Blotting paper
A pack of some oil absorbing sheets is a must-have for me. They help to reduce extra oil without damaging my make-up and it’s easy to carry them around. Blotting sheets can also be a good alternative for a powder. There’s such a wide choice of those, so you can easily pick up something for yourself.

8. Dry shampoo
I think dry shampoo can be very useful for a festival goer, especially for those who live in a camp site. It can not only make your hair look cleaner, but also can be used for styling and giving volume. TIP: Don’t use dry shampoo on wet hair, it will look even dirtier. 
You can find this savior in your local shop, order it on asos.com or amazon.com, if you like so.

9/10. Hand sanitizer and hand cream
The last but not the least of my to-go products is this couple. Can’t live without those two.

Products listed above are my beauty essential for an upcoming festival and travelling in general. Hope you find this post useful and will leave some comments telling us your must-haves! It’s all for now, stay updated to find out what’s on Liza’s festival wardrobe list!

All yours,
S x

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