четверг, 22 мая 2014 г.

Double "What's In My Bag"

Hey, folks! We really enjoy watching and reading about what other bloggers carry around in their bags, so today we decided to make that kind of a post. Since we are students, there isn’t a lot of cool stuff in our purses :D
But still, here we go!
                                          Liza’s bagpack

1. Spanish exercise book.
We met after her classes, that’s why Liza got it with herself. Yeah, guys, we study Español.

2. Two notebooks, a pen.
Who are students? We are!

3. Hand & nails cream.
Can’t live without it.

4. Keys
Well, obviously, the one should have a keychain. Oh, and look how many cute breloques she’s got!

5. Flesh memory
Study, study, studyyyyyy.

6. Lipbalm
Can’t live without it numero dos.

7. Sunglasses
Can’t live without it numero tres. Seriously, there’s no chance you’re gonna meet us not wearing a pair of sunglasses.

8. IPod
Can’t live without it numero cuatro? :) Music, photos, Instagram, music, Instagram, photos. Well, you know.

                                            Stasia’s tote

1. English grammar workbook.
We love Spanish, but we should not forget about English, though.

2. Copybooks, a pen, a pencil, a highlighter.
Told you that we are boring students :)

3. Passport
Needed it in the post office today.

4. IPhone
This baby is always with Stasia. Literary.

5. Hand cream
It doesn’t matter how small her bag is, there’s always a room for hand moisturizer!

6. Lipstick.
Don’t know what it’s doing here, actually.

7. Sunglasses in the case
Look at Liza’s 7 :)

So basically, these are our essentials. We sincerely hope you didn’t die of boredom. Let us know what are your carry-on musts in the comments below! x

   All yours,
Stasia and Liza

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