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Beauty Favourites: April

Hello everybody! Hope you’re all enjoying spring sun and have some fun! Today you can discover a couple of beauty products both of us have been using recently. So here we go!

Stasia’s choice:

1. Yves Rocher, Gommage Gourmand Abricot (Apricot Fruity Scrub)
This facial exfoliator is incredible. It has a nice texture that is gentle to your skin. I’ve got dry and sensitive skin type and this gommage works perfectly for me. I like that it not only exfoliates, but also moisturizes my skin. The product smells amazing, so it’s always a pleasure to use it.

2. Gosh, Natural Touch Foundation
To be honest, I don’t usually wear and like foundations. But this one is so good that I’ve bought it second time. The texture is lightweight, soft, but still effective. It contains the organic sweet almond oil that hydrates and nourishes the skin, Vitamin A, E and has SPF 8. This foundation gives me a natural look and lasts all day.

3. Avalon Organics, Vitamin C Renewal, Rejuvenating Oil-Free Moisturizer
I’m madly in love with this cream! No jokes. Usually, it’s quiet hard to moisturize my skin, make it feel great and look radiant at the same time. This thing can do it, for sure. I use it every night and apply on a clean face. At the begging the cream seems a bit hard on skin, like a mask. Don’t worry about it, when the product absorbs into your skin you will love it.
This ointment is 70% organic, so that makes it even better. Oh, and it smells wonderful, like oranges! I suggest this cream to ones who want to deeply hydrate their skin, ensure it is fresh and renewed.
Liza’s choice:

4. Tea Tree Oil
I think it’s a must-have. This oil is all-natural and you can find it in your local pharmacy or drugstore. It will be your savior if you have a blemish, skin cut, sun burn, etc. I use it as a natural spot cure, because the oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial activity. If I have a break-out, I apply a bit of tea tree oil on it, on a previously washed face before bed. As a result, I wake up with spotless skin. I really recommend it to you, guys.
5. Maybelline, Dream Fresh BB vs L'Oréal, Nude Magique CC Cream
As Stasia, I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis, so BB and CC creams are my alternatives. I prefer Maybelline’s BB to L'Oréal’s CC cream. First one is really light textured, you don’t feel it on your face. BB suits my skin tone perfectly, giving me a natural finish. The only thing I don’t really like about this product is it’s smell. It’s just a bit weird.
On the contrary, L'Oréal’s CC cream has a more thick texture than Maybelline’s BB. It doesn’t look natural enough on the skin and has a yellowish tint. Anyway, I’m still looking for a perfect BB or CC cream (preferably on a budget). If you know one, leave the comment below!
To sum up, we would like to tell that all of these products are goodish, but the key to health and beauty is your lifestyle. Try to eat clean, drink at least 2 liters of water every day, and have enough sleep. Don’t forget to remove your make-up before bed and be as positive and happy as you can possibly be.
Lots of love,
S and L x

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