пятница, 24 октября 2014 г.

Setlist: Autumn Vibe

Hello, loves! It’s time for some music, don’t you think? Today we’d like to share with you songs we love, that are especially great for autumn to our taste. Chilly weather, chunky sweaters, hot tea, and favourite music to enjoy an autumn evening.

1) Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire
2) Dad Man’s Bones – Lose Your Soul

вторник, 21 октября 2014 г.

Hard Times

It happened. Wonderful and incredibly long for Ukraine warm Indian Summer is over. Freeze is almost here and we still have nothing to wear. But this is how it is and will always be. All we can do for now (except stressing out about winter clothing, duh) is to except the cold season with its benefits, enjoy that oh-hello-you-icy-wind-it’s-so-cold-i’m-about-to-die time of a year with a dash of magic.


воскресенье, 19 октября 2014 г.

10 Beauty Tips You Should Try

Hi babies, how are you out there? I hope everything is going on swimmingly and you are not caught up with the autumn melancholy. In those moments when it comes to the cold season (unfortunately in our area it remains with us for a long time), we need to care even more about the condition of our skin. As you can tell, we didn’t share our monthly beauty favorites. Instead, here are some tips and tricks I wanted to present you. I have a few rules that help me in this, not only in winter. So here are my 10 Beauty hit – tips of all time: